Cannabis News Round-Up

November 6, 2016

If Prop 64 passes, what happens to prisoners convicted of marijuana charges? Marijuana ballot initiatives could get people who’ve done time for drugs back on their feet.

California sees dollar signs with marijuana legalization; local municipalities are looking to cash in. Bay Area cities scramble to set rules on California recreational marijuana. Proposition 64: It makes pot legal to have, but not to buy — at first. Prop. 64: Reefer madness cured by legalization, education, treatment? Nancy Pelosi backs Prop 64. Opinion: California is ill-prepared for legal recreational marijuana. Who is funding the effort to legalize marijuana in California?

A “no-b.s.” guide to Prop 64. Humboldt County donates little to Proposition 64 campaigns. Seven reasons in support of Prop 64. Prop 64 is really a real estate story, and that has big implications for California. Younger voters overwhelmingly favor Prop 64, which is likely to pass, poll finds. Risks and benefits to Prop 64.

Clinton and Trump do agree on one thing—the right to use marijuana. Pot is popular among Clinton’s natural constituencies in Nevada, but she’s quiet on whether to legalize it. Sheldon Adelson fights marijuana legalization while funding medical marijuana research.

Colorado‘s marijuana industry is becoming an economic steamroller, creating over 18,000 new jobs. This Colorado county embraced the marijuana industry. Now it might ban pot businesses.

Massachusetts Attorney General rips pot industry, wants question defeated. Massachusetts opponents of marijuana legalization stress health dangers.

Supporters, foes of Arizona legalized marijuana in late push to sway vote.

Pot startups flying high with California poised to legalize marijuana. Private equity fund raises $100 million for cannabis startups. Want your marijuana startup to succeed? Study patent law. Why marijuana will be a ‘shadow’ business for a long time.

Weed or wine? Alcohol sellers question if voters can handle both. Is marijuana mind-set changing in the Bible Belt? Meet marijuana’s top evangelist.

Financial advice: Marijuana shakes taboo but it’s still a bad investment. Legal pot is still a tough deal for investors.

Voters ready to legalize pot for tens of millions across U.S. President Obama: New legal states would force the federal government’s hand on marijuana. The trend toward legalizing recreational marijuana. A watershed moment for marijuana legalization. Opinion: If you think the war on drugs is a miserable failure, you should vote to legalize pot.

British Columbia should have ‘zero’ tolerance for drivers found to be intoxicated by marijuana, solicitor-general says.

One thought on “Cannabis News Round-Up”

  1. Do we have a reasonably solid understanding of the effect of THC on one's ability to drive safely?

    I've seen claims in the form "since legalizing pot, the fraction of drivers in wrecks with THC in their system has risen by X%." Which at a glance seems significant, but then it occurs to me that while this tells us something about the growth in use of THC, this number alone tells us nothing about the effect of THC on driving.

    If that sounds crazy, suppose that we banned orange bell peppers. And suppose that we had a reliable test for the presence of orange bell peppers in one's digestive system. Then suppose we repealed the ban on orange bell peppers. We'd expect to see a sudden spike in the fraction of drivers involved in crashes who have orange bell pepper in their system.

    Is there good data on this? Am I misunderstanding something and the traffic-THC data I've seen are less deceptive than I think?

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