Cannabis News Round-Up

Uruguay, the first country where you can smoke marijuana wherever you like.

Vermont governor vetoes marijuana legalization. Backers of cannabis legalization hope for compromise in Vermont. Rhode Island marijuana dispensaries would double under legislation.

Legal marijuana sales surpass Viagra, tequila and Girl Scout cookies. New study a blow to the states-rights argument for legal marijuana.

Pot is golden in California. From chrysanthemums to cannabis in California. Dana Rohrabacher is California pot industry’s great federal hope. Washington volunteers needed to smoke pot for science. Here’s what just changed in Washington state marijuana laws. IRS trawling state-run pot database to block Colorado marijuana companies from claiming tax deductions. Oregon wineries branch out into legal marijuana.

Nevada races to get recreational marijuana on shelves in record time. Juneau: The Amsterdam of Arkansas? You can get weed delivered to your door in DC just like pizza. But is it legal?
Would legalizing marijuana bring money to Arizona schools?

Hopes are high for legal pot in Michigan.  Michigan marijuana legalization effort condemned by local leaders.  Ohio Supreme Court justice, considering governor run, backs legalizing marijuana. Illinois drug addiction treatment center hosts talk opposing legalized pot. Montana marijuana legalization ballot initiative ready for immediate signature collection.

Canada wants to legalize marijuana, but it hasn’t even fully legalized alcohol yet. Inside the marijuana showdown at the Canada border.

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  1. I'd have thought Girl Scout Cookie sales would closely track marijuana sales.

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