Cannabis News Round-Up

Five towns saved from ruin by the booming legal weed industry. Following the example of voters, legislatures are trying to legalize marijuana. States move fast to protect pot industry. Bipartisan marijuana legalization bill gets renewed push.

Clock ticking on marijuana legalization decision in Vermont. Both sides in Vermont marijuana legalization debate try to influence governor’s decision.Vermont DIY approach to marijuana. Revenue from legalized marijuana in Connecticut won’t offset the human costs. Connecticut Democrats will push legalizing pot as part of budget fix. Rhode Island could study, delay legal marijuana debate.

California lawmakers seek to ban marijuana oil processing labs from neighborhoods. California pot czar expects lag time for testing newly legal weed. Pot convictions go up in smoke with California legalization. This cannabis project will help military veterans get jobs in the California marijuana industry. California considers sanctuary state legislation to protect pot industry. Adelanto, California, wants to be the Silicon Valley of marijuana.

Arkansas legal marijuana still a no-no for law officers. A tourist guide to navigating Arkansas marijuana market. Colorado lawmakers continue to regulate legal marijuana. Marijuana growers sow displacement fears in Denver. Washington law paves way for organic marijuana market.
Nevada marijuana sales permit application period begins. Ohio supreme court judge calls for legalization of marijuana. Organization looks to get South Dakota marijuana legalization on the 2018 ballot.

Marijuana is cheaper in states where it’s legal.

Canada wants to erase old marijuana convictions, poll finds. Canada tests lower age for pot legalization.