Cannabis News Round-Up

Seattle police officer arrested for “smuggling hundreds of pounds of marijuana.” The very first marijuana stock ETF has lost investors money.

Colorado marijuana sales top $131M, set record in March 2017. Colorado lawmakers celebrate major accomplishments to end legislative session. California Attorney General defends state’s marijuana laws. Wine country looking more like cannabis country in California. Nevada Senate Democrats want to tax weed at higher rate than governor does. Arizona pot proponents split.

Vermont awaits decision from governor on legalization of pot. Massachusetts marijuana regulations still undecided 6 months after legalization. Delaware introduces marijuana legalization, but many critics remain. Recreational pot could become legal in New Jersey under new bill. Support for marijuana legalization continues to grow in Pennsylvania. Legal marijuana should be sold at Pennsylvania state liquor stores.

Legalized marijuana sector creates opportunity, special requirements. Legal weed’s no. 1 enemy.
Why legal marijuana shops make better neighbors.

Canada legal pot next year means leaving UN treaties by July 1 — but the Liberals won’t say what their plan is. Different takes for different provinces as Canada moves to legalize pot. Canada feds collecting data to help stamp out illegal market.

UK Liberal Democrats will pledge to completely legalise cannabis.