Cannabis News Round-Up

Support for marijuana policy reform surges post-legalization. Demonstrators march for marijuana legalization in Chicago. Vermont cannabis legalization bills get last minute approval. New Jersey lawmakers await next governor before moving to legalize marijuana. Marijuana Policy Project chief Rob Kampia ready to barter for Michigan marijuana campaign donations. Arizona recreational marijuana may be headed back to the ballot.  Recreational pot on track to become law in Delaware. Legalize it, say Delaware backers of HB 110. Nevada tax commission approves regulations allowing early start for recreational marijuana industry. Oregon has yet to distribute revenue from marijuana sales. Massachusetts recreational pot challenges medical shops.

Trump pushes back against ban on state medical marijuana interference. White House “reefer madness” clouding marijuana law. Marijuana policy in the Trump era. DOJ says people in marijuana business can’t use bankruptcy. Ohio Gov. Kasich says legalizing marijuana sends wrong message to kids.

Colorado lawmakers remain divided on whether you can smoke marijuana on your front porch. Colorado looks to marijuana tax as budget fix, stretching the limits of what voters approved.
Don’t debate legal marijuana, debate the policy says Colorado’s former pot czar. Marijuana-related hospital visits spike among Colorado teens. Weed disappearing from Colorado licensed dispensaries. Study suggests homeless are not moving to Denver for legal marijuana.Inside the high-tech labs that make sure your legal marijuana is safe. Miracle-Gro homing in on “big vision” for hydroponics as state-legal cannabis grows. Some venture capital investors are betting big on cannabis.

Canada anti-smoking advocates fear legal cannabis will ‘renormalize’ smoking. Canada task force chair says legalization of marijuana won’t lead to cities going to pot. Canada legal pot could slow border crossings, former US diplomat warns. Canada legal marijuana to take less than 1 per cent out of booze sales. With legalization on the horizon New Brunswick establishes marijuana research chair.