Cannabis News Round-Up

ACLU’s “Marijuana in Black and White”: End the racist war on pot. Which marijuana stock will be next to reach a $1 billion valuation? US spending plan includes reassurance for legal (medical) marijuana.

Vermont House OKs one ounce marijuana possession. Is a compromise on marijuana legalization brewing in Vermont?
Speaker DeLeo wants Massachusetts marijuana panel akin to gambling board. Changes to Massachusetts marijuana law may be approached in phases. Allow early Maine pot sales, and erase absurd drug laws.

Regulating and taxing marijuana could help solve Illinois budget woes. Christie hammers backers of legalizing marijuana in New Jersey. Montana candidate affirms support for legalizing marijuana. Pot activists push to put legalization on 2018 ballot in Michigan.

Quebec chief urges caution as First Nations look to capitalize on pot legalization. Ontario cannabis conference looks at the business side of marijuana. Canada oilpatch fears higher costs when marijuana is legal. Early cannabis sales “unbelievably high” after legalization.Uruguay will offer dirt-cheap legal weed—under certain conditions.

Colorado: state of marijuana. Colorado lawmakers debate bills to protect legalized marijuana. Modesto, California considers pot businesses.