Cannabis News Round-Up

Colorado House votes to bar cops from helping with federal marijuana crackdown. After meeting with Sessions, Colorado governor thinks AG unlikely to crack down on marijuana. Colorado pot expected to make record-breaking sales despite influx of new legal marijuana states. Colorado pot-license “points” systems in invite legal scrutiny. New bill would allow banking for marijuana businesses.

USPS refuses to deliver box of tax cash from Arkansas pot shop. Michigan man stole $26,000 in electricity for legal marijuana grow, police say. Michigan pot legalization push coming ‘very, very soon.’ Nevada may clear way for recreational pot delivery services. Wisconsin marijuana legalization faces uphill battle.

Massachusetts sheriffs: Raise pot tax, use money for addiction treatment. Are “marijuana gifts” legal in Massachusetts? Rhode Island top pot regulator says communities trying to restrict legal grows could face legal problems. Marijuana legalization heads to Vermont House floor. Vermont man grew pot because he thought it’d be legal soon, police say.

Weed-whacking at the DOJ. Indian tribes fear Trump will be a buzzkill for their marijuana business.Legal marijuana stores lead to increases in property crime. Medical marijuana laws linked to increased adult recreational use, abuse. New studies shine light on cannabis consumers’ spending habits. Resource: HeinOnline’s National Survey of State Laws.

Legal weed’s no. 1 warrior, Ethan Nadelmann puts down his pipe.
Illegal pot use is rising in states that have legalized medical marijuana.

Accuracy of pot impairment tests questioned ahead of Canada legalization. Mulcair slams Trudeau for ‘abject hypocrisy’ on pot charges. “Not for the faint of heart”: Why getting a Canada marijuana producer license is a long shot.

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