Cannabis News Round-Up

Oregon Rep.: the weed legalization movement is 5 years from total victory. Philadelphia mayor: Pennsylvania should legalize marijuana like Colorado. The country’s first drive-through marijuana shop is opening in Colorado. Colorado-based cannabis brand offers a “haute high,” plans to expand to California. California set to harmonize recreational and medical marijuana laws. Cannabis workers, once facing legal peril, get the California seal of approval. Will California become a sanctuary state for weed? As pot growers snatch up Monterey greenhouses, prices go through the roof.

Ex-cons fight to work in Massachusetts marijuana industry. Massachusetts sheriffs want to raise marijuana tax and use the money for addiction treatment. Massachusetts legislative committee to hold final hearing on marijuana law.

Despite decriminalization, Chicago’s grass gap persists. Understanding DC’s marijuana law.The business case for Illinois legalizing pot.

How the queen of legal weed is targeting the chardonnay crowd.
Neuroscientists narc on legal marijuana. The latest pot policy news.

The government’s weed is terrible. Will Jeff Sessions launch a war on weed? Legal weed is the last bipartisan cause. Democrats, legalize weed.

Trudeau confirms feds will ensure access to legal pot if provinces don’t act. Despite special regulations, entrepreneurs hope to take bite of Canada‘s marijuana edibles market.