Cannabis News Round-Up

DHS chief says weed is “not a factor” in the War on Drugs. Two days later, he pivots, calling marijuana “a potentially dangerous gateway drug” and promising enforcement.

Haze of confusion thickens over Massachusetts marijuana law. With recreational marijuana legal in Massachusetts, New England Cannabis Convention returns this weekend. Connecticut legal marijuana could be revived. Maine marijuana gifting could expose legal loophole.

Guam marijuana bill trumped. Oregon governor signs bill to protect the legal marijuana industry from federal interference.

Canada embarks on game-changing legal marijuana experiment. All in all, the Liberals got it right on pot legalization. Canada legalization of marijuana will be a national disaster. Canada critics say legalization act is good, but not perfect. Nice pot law, Liberals. Not that it solves any of the problems you said it would. No plan for pot-conviction amnesty amid legalization move, Liberals say. Looming Canada marijuana legalization concerns oil and gas safety watchdog. Alberta marijuana community says government killing buzz around legalization. What was Justin Trudeau smoking? Six things to know about Deleware‘s proposed marijuana law.

Marijuana may be legal in California, but it could get you deported. Marijuana goes industrial in California. Just say no to investing in pot, committee advises California judges.

Illinois, Delaware Democrats argue legal weed would help economies. Can legal marijuana fund schools? Illinois lawmakers learn how it’s done in Colorado. Colorado marijuana DUIs drop 33% in the first quarter of 2017 compared with last year. Colorado governor warily learns to live with pot.

Nevada Native American tribes want to get in on legal marijuana. Nevada marijuana businesses worry about Trump, but expect to prevail. Nevada liquor distributors want first dibs on marijuana distribution licenses, brace for a fight with regulators.

Marijuana legalization support at all-time high. The investing parallels of alcohol and weed. Americans overwhelmingly favor medical marijuana, split on recreational weed. Wine industry finds a companion in marijuana.