Cannabis News Round-Up

Colorado set to prohibit marijuana co-op growing operations. Colorado marijuana laws hard and expensive to enforce. Has marijuana legalization been a success in Colorado? Colorado Rep: Leave cannabis regulation to the states, Mr. President. Colorado cannabis sales top $126M in February 2017 amid federal uncertainty.

Will the marijuana industry save the struggling California town of Adelanto? How federal pressure is affecting L.A.’s cannabis industry
California is making it easier to start a pot business. Anti-pot group faces campaign finance violations from its work opposing marijuana legalization in California.

Oregon lawmakers vote to shield marijuana users’ info from feds. Washington state’s marijuana tracking contract up for bid. First hearing on Rhode Island marijuana legalization scheduled. No Maine sales, but marijuana “gifts” exploit a legal limbo. Vermont Senate leaders dubious of marijuana legalization plan. No, marijuana hasn’t been legalized in Texas.

Federal marijuana legalization grows closer with Senate tax proposal. Rep. Steve Cohen says Trump’s marijuana policy is hazy.  Legal marijuana ends at airport security, even if it’s rarely stopped. How legalized marijuana applies to boaters.

Canada announces legislation to legalize marijuana. Canada legal marijuana plan needs public health focus. Conservative says marijuana is a ‘dangerous drug,’ vows to undo Liberal plan to legalize it. Canada is moving to legalize marijuana—and it may violate international drug law to do it. As Canada legal weed looms, barriers to research still standing. With legal weed Canada‘s government must choose revenue or regulated market, not both. Alberta sees costs, no cash cow from federal cannabis legislation. Quebec braces for arrival of legalized marijuana. British Columbia party leaders preparing pot policies ahead of federal law.

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  1. The list of states that have de jure legalised marijuana or plan to do so goes ever longer. The UN convention bodies should take their heads out of the sand and convene a diplomatic conference to revise the treaty on marijuana. The reality is now that the global ban has collapsed and states are experimenting with different ways of legalising the drug. The world might as well learn from this, through robust reporting and peer review mechanisms.

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