Cannabis News Round-Up

Bipartisan bill would reclassify marijuana as Schedule 3 substance. DEA asks Colorado AG’s office for info on marijuana crimes, “for the new administration.” Four governors team up, urge feds to keep marijuana enforcement status quo. Legal marijuana advocates are uneasy with Sessions’ stance. Trump adviser urges him to keep Sessions from harassing state-legal pot suppliers. Marijuana reforms gain momentum as Trump administration mulls a crackdown.

What marijuana legalization in Canada could mean for the US. The Wild West of weed: Will legalization work for Canada? Canada landlords fear property values will go up in smoke with marijuana legalization. Canada pot advisor warns more info needed before legalization. A Canada investor’s guide to marijuana. Western provinces expect Canada to pay costs associated with marijuana legalization plan. Canada marijuana marketing: Alcohol industry calls for restrictions. Liberals want to move up pot legalization to avoid Canada Day celebrations.

Massachusetts recreational marijuana industry poised for takeoff.
Here’s what could change about the new Massachusetts marijuana law. Connecticut marijuana entrepreneurs, employers weigh legalization impact. Pot legalization lingers in Vermont House committee.

California could become the cannabis industry’s safe haven. As California unions seek to hold in marijuana expansion, tensions flare. Jerry Brown wades into pot battle with plan to merge California medical, recreational laws. California police chiefs worry ‘criminals’ may gain control of legal cannabis industry. New Mexico pot legalization advocates look ahead to 2018.

“Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” Marijuana segment. The problem with America’s marijuana DUI laws: science. Support for marijuana legalization swelled in 2016, General Social Survey shows.

Uruguay to sell cannabis in pharmacies from July.