Cannabis News Round-Up

November 4, 2016

Pot-legalization movement seeks first foothold in Northeast with upcoming votes in Maine and Massachusetts.  Is Massachusetts‘ Question 4 the wrong way to legalize marijuana? The Catholic Church is leading the fight against legal pot in Massachusetts with an $850,000 contribution. Marijuana entrepreneurs eye Massachusetts market on eve of ballot initiative. 

Residents of Alaska now have a place to buy state-legal marijuana. Voters to decide whether to legalize recreational marijuana in Nevada. California‘s Proposition 64 would legalize recreational use of marijuana though it’s illegal under federal law. How will that work? Colorado officials take issue with an Arizona anti-marijuana group’s portrayal of their state’s experience with legal weed.

Marijuana legalization could get a boost in a Democratic Senate. After the election, marijuana could be legal for recreational or medical use in 29 states. Pharmaceutical companies developing THC-based drugs expect to see their stocks surge after election day. Bloomberg: skittish lenders drive the legal pot economy underground.

60 Minutes report on The Pot Vote. Watch the first 60 Minutes report on pot from 1970. Would you use pot if it were legal? 54% of Americans polled changed their answer depending on the scenario.

Legal marijuana could be a cash cow for Canada – but not right away, says Parliamentary Budget Officer.