Cannabis News Round-Up

From Alabama housewife to marijuana activist. Florida marijuana growers capitalize amid uncertain market. Oregon lawmakers introduce legislation to protect legal recreational marijuana. Nevada legal marijuana industry faces banking problem. Nevada liquor wholesalers not ready to jump on board with marijuana sales. The sin that’s not welcome in Sin City.

Thousands gather in Michigan for marijuana legalization. Delaware could become first state in the Mid-Atlantic to legalize marijuana. Confusion surrounds implementation of Massachusetts recreational pot law.

California pot banking woes: Cash only is no future for billion-dollar industry. More marijuana businesses in Los Angeles? The push is on. Marijuana market spikes land prices in Humboldt.

Here’s how Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper really feels about marijuana. Colorado has strategy for recreational marijuana industry if feds crack down. At Colorado restaurants, there’s an un-chill side to pot tourism.

A real estate boom, powered by pot. The way people buy legal marijuana will change in 2019. Buzzkill for utilities’ high hopes of legal-weed power surge.Prosecuting pot: Nation’s DAs seek consensus. The future of legal pot under Trump: Marijuana entrepreneurs speak out. Roger Stone calls on Trump to back legal marijuana, hits Sessions for “outmoded thinking.” Marijuana’s biggest enemy is not Sessions–it’s Big Pharma.

How high will the price of legal Canadian pot be? Marijuana ETF “the most scrutinized fund that we’ve ever launched,” Horizons CEO says. Legalizing marijuana will hurt Canadian alcohol sales, study predicts. Canada marijuana advocates react to potential legalization legislation. Licensed marijuana producers keen for details in Canada marijuana legislation. Canada landlords aim to curb grow-ops ahead of marijuana legalization. Alberta marijuana business growth exploding ahead of legalization.