Cannabis News Round-Up

California leads nation in legal marijuana sales. California cannabis companies are hiring. Why is Colorado risking hundreds of millions to protect its marijuana industry? Colorado takes aim at the marijuana black market. Washington survey says teen cannabis use hasn’t increased since legalization.

Dozens of industries could see a boost from Massachusetts legalized marijuana. Disagreement over marijuana danger as Connecticut hearing opens. Marijuana legalization champions in Rhode Island legislature again say they have the votes. Vermont delays vote on legalizing marijuana.

Illinois lawmaker proposes legislation to legalize marijuana.
Marijuana legalization bill announced by Delaware state senator.

Pharmaceutical firm gives $500,000 to fight legal weed—then gets the OK on synthetic pot. Why Sessions is threatening to crack down on marijuana. Trump can’t stop marijuana legalization, but he can slow it down. Rohrabacher bill would protect states from federal crackdowns on pot. Marijuana equipment start-ups flourish as large rivals avoid legal pitfalls.

Canada to legalize cannabis from next year. Canada task-force leader on legalizing marijuana urges prohibition, for now. NDP leadership hopefuls take pot shots at Liberals over Canada marijuana legalization. Canada Liberal plan to legalize marijuana has some provinces worried. Marijuana legalization poses ‘a number of issues,’ Toronto’s new medical officer says.