Cannabis News Round-Up

Pot advocates urge Massachusetts legislators not to unravel law.  Marijuana lobby ready to spend more to keep pushing Massachusetts law process.Here’s how much Massachusetts could make off legal marijuana.

Colorado leaders unite in defense of the recreational marijuana industry. Colorado DUI charges down since marijuana legalization. Citing organized crime, Colorado limits marijuana grows. Jared Polis has a plan to keep recreational and medical marijuana safe from Sessions.

Bill to legalize marijuana introduced in West Virginia. Pennsylvania marijuana industry could replace vanishing steel jobs.

Oregon remains a top source for black market pot, state police report says. New Nevada legislation could cultivate early adult-use sales. Michigan voters may decide legal marijuana question. Marijuana industry presses ahead in California wine country. Legalizing marijuana gets attention of Connecticut lawmakers. Vermont legal pot bills may miss key deadline. Kilmartin, Moffat offer opposing views of Rhode Island recreational marijuana legislation.

Beer industry could lose $2 billion from legal marijuana. This start-up is building a bridge between banks and legal marijuana sellers.

Federal drug arrests are going down as marijuana becomes legal across the US. Sessions’ praise for the Cole marijuana memo is not a promise of restraint.Trump and Sessions are freaking out the $7 billion pot industry. Cannabis index declines after Sessions criticizes pot. 2013 ruling gives Sessions an opening to prosecute marijuana cases.

No, Canada retail marijuana is not legal…yet. Half of Canadians polled support marijuana legalization. Why Canada marijuana legalization could mean more workplace scrutiny for employees. Canada policy on marijuana legalization could come forward by spring.
Edmonton works to put pot plan in place with legalization looming. Manitoba legislation prepares for legal weed.

St Kitts, Jamaica considering committee to examine use of marijuana.