Cannabis News Round-Up

Sessions provides more evidence that he plans a marijuana crackdown. During campaign, Trump repeatedly said legalization of recreational pot should be a state issue. Trump is a buzzkill for pot stocks. The marijuana exception to federalism. Most Republicans oppose federal interference with marijuana legalization. Marijuana policy is best left up to the states. Respect states’ legal-pot laws, Cantwell and Murray tell Sessions.

Colorado GOP Rep. introduces bill to end federal pot prohibition. Colorado Governor chastises Trump administration for anti-legal-weed stance. Is Colorado homeless surge tied to marijuana legalization? A look at Colorado as New Mexico weighs whether to legalize marijuana.

Feds threatening to shut down Nevada marijuana festival.Marijuana lobby grows as legalization spreads throughout country. Pot is producing jobs and revenue in states where it’s legal.

Massachusetts in ‘no man’s land’ on legal marijuana, Gov. Charlie Baker says. Gifting loophole in Massachusetts marijuana law is being exploited. Maine lawmakers to hear from public on marijuana legalization.

California concerned about marijuana legalization’s impact on power grid. The murkiness of marijuana law is becoming a flashpoint in US-California relations.

Oregon Governor defends legalized marijuana as job creator.  Recreational pot bill hits roadblock in New Mexico committee. Maryland Senate holds marijuana legalization hearing. Support for marijuana legalization growing in Texas. Idaho Governor defends request to Trump to rein in legal marijuana sales.

Legal marijuana likely coming to Canada soon, Prime Minister says. Germany, Israel ready to lead global marijuana legalization if Trump destroys pot laws.

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  1. Marijuana has helped keep more Republicans in office than gerrymandering. Felons almost never recover their voting rights, and most marijuana felons are black. Republicans LOVE illegal pot.

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