Cannabis News Round-Up

White House signals possible crackdown on recreational marijuana. California officials and the marijuana industry prepare to fight a federal crackdown. How a federal crackdown on legalized marijuana could impact DC. Legal marijuana businesses brace for White House crackdown. Lt. Gov. Newsom asks Trump for cooperation with California on marijuana regulation. New poll: Americans want Feds to respect state marijuana laws.

Oregon legal businesses struggle to compete with black market. Colorado considers bill allowing for legal marijuana deliveries. Maine cops want clarification from Trump on marijuana rules. Battle over legalizing marijuana kicks off in New Hampshire state Senate. Attorney General Kilmartin takes his fight against Rhode Island legalizing marijuana to town hall. Safer Arizona PAC fixes marijuana-legalization initiative, adds protections for kids. Potential for a  “bud boom” in New Mexico? Will Alabama be last to legalize? 17 states work to legalize recreational marijuana in 2017.

Science Daily: Legal marijuana sales creating escalating damage to the environment. Observer: Here’s how legal marijuana could kickoff a world-saving energy industry (but hasn’t).

Canadian company trading under the ticker WEED is valued at $1 billion. In Canada, workers at illegal dispensaries ask what legal rights they have. Attitude toward legal pot mellows in parts of Latin America. Dutch Parliament votes to legalize marijuana production.