Cannabis News Round-Up

Business Insider interviews Mark Kleiman: Here’s how Sessions could shut down the legal marijuana industry overnight. Pro-pot lawmakers to join forces, launch cannabis caucus. Congress’ cannabis caucus ready to ‘bump heads’ with Sessions. $46 Billion: Marijuana’s most promising and perilous number. Cannabis stock index grew 236% in 2016.

Inside ‘pot alley’ as California gears up for legal weed. New law puts 3,000 California  cannabis cultivators in jeopardy. California Assemblyman challenges feds on cannabis, sponsors legislation forbidding co-operation with enforcement.

Arizona group readies filing for recreational cannabis legalization initiative. Legal pot will present many challenges for Nevada. New Washington bill would repeal marijuana legalization, bring back prohibition. As Colorado claims marijuana legalization benefits, questions arise over costs. Can decriminalizing marijuana improve public safety in Texas? Guam community weighs in on pot legalization bill.

Committee focused on changing Massachusetts marijuana law has been formed.

Maine lawmakers review marijuana policies adopted by other states. Retail pot sales still 12 months off as marijuana now legal in Maine. It may be legal to grow marijuana in Maine, but it’s not easy to get gardening advice.