Cannabis News Round-Up

California delves into details of regulating recreational marijuana. Even though marijuana is legal, here are nine ways federal law affects California pot users, businesses. California rolls its own cannabis trademark protection. California marijuana billboard battle aims to protect minors. Will California finally have a statewide standard for the sale of legal marijuana by 2018? Los Angeles County opens the door to marijuana business.

An exclusive first look inside a Washington legal marijuana farm. Washington lawmakers want wall around legal marijuana.

Marijuana is still illegal, as far as Maine colleges and universities are concerned. Rhode Island marijuana legalization bill filed. Three out of five in Rhode Island support legalized recreational marijuana, poll says. Legal marijuana in Connecticut would bring $30 million in first full year under Massachusetts model. Connecticut‘s chances of legalizing marijuana just improved significantly.

New York introduces two bills to legalize recreational cannabis. Should recreational marijuana be legal in New Jersey? Two recreational marijuana proposals in Minnesota. Legalize marijuana in West Virginia? Marijuana legalization begins moving through New Mexico House. Marijuana bill to be introduced in Kansas.

How Congress is getting serious about cannabis amid White House uncertainty. Gorsuch and state-legal marijuana. The risky business of commercial marijuana.

With Canada marijuana legalization, how to test for high drivers. Marijuana legalization could normalize smoking again, Canada experts warn. Calgary prepares for future with legalized marijuana.

Thousands call for full weed legalization at Tel Aviv rally.

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