Cannabis News Round-Up

Retail pot sales still 12 months off as marijuana now legal in Maine. Workshop looks at workplace concerns around legal pot in Maine. New Hampshire lawmakers weigh latest marijuana bills on decriminalization, legalization.

We now know how much pro- and anti-Prop 64 marijuana campaigns spent in California. California deadline for marijuana regulations may be impossible. Legislators, regulators emphasize need for urgency in rollout of California marijuana laws.

Where does Washington legal weed money go? A breakdown. Colorado report says  adolescent marijuana use “has not changed since legalization.” Drug analyst Kevin Wong tells New Jersey forum that Colorado pot law is a bust. AAA: Legalizing marijuana likely to increase drugged driving.

Should Maryland consider legalization? Could legal ever happen in North Carolina?

North Dakota legislature rejects marijuana legalization study. Alaska marijuana board rejects onsite use at retail shops.

Legal marijuana and the real estate professional. Cannabis asset acquisitions exploding in global legal marijuana markets. How much does legal weed cost? If President Trump wants to help American businesses, he should start by legalizing marijuana.