Cannabis News Round -Up

October 28, 2016

Ballot initiatives in nine states may make November 8th a turning point for legal marijuana. This election could be the tipping point for national legalization.

Boston City Councilor attempts to guarantee a fair shot for Massachusetts minority-owned businesses if marijuana becomes legal.  If marijuana is legalized in Masschusetts, the tax rate could get higher.  Massachusetts trooper’s widow makes emotional plea against legalizing marijuana. If legalized, pot in Massachusetts still cannot be smoked on campus. Legalization of recreational marijuana in Massachusetts could impact Connecticut border towns.

Five things that must happen for New Jersey to legalize recreational marijuana. Marijuana legalization could be ‘game changer’ for New Jersey’s economy.

The Effect of State-Level Legalizations (spoiler: the pro-legalization Cato Foundation claims it’s minimal).

Medical-marijuana entrepreneurs worry that legalizing commercial supply will make it harder for medical users to find high-CBD, low-THC products.

Washington‘s testing for marijuana raises medical, legal questions.

Pot growers make a ‘green rush’ to Canada. Move to legalize Canadian pot easier said than done.              O Cannabis! Explore the future of marijuana in Canada.