Cannabis News Round-Up

Conservative Christian legislators really want to legalize weed in the US.

As pot prices plunge, growers scramble to cut their costs. The mistake most states made when legalizing marijuana. Cannabis software companies seek to legitimize the marijuana industry and cash in. North American legal and illicit pot sales top $50 billion. How the payments industry came to accept legal marijuana. The 6 most bogus claims in the marijuana industry. Trump’s marijuana options.

Bid to take down Colorado marijuana laws revived in court. Two retirees create marijuana packaging business in Colorado. Colorado marijuana legalization experiment is making pot a lot cheaper. Colorado mayor advises Massachusetts to ‘start out strict,’ use green energy. Will Massachusetts lawmakers gut key parts of marijuana law? Massachusetts pressured to wipe away traces of old pot arrests. Maine lawmakers weigh calls to delay retail sales of marijuana.

Two of Washington‘s largest recreational marijuana chains on the selling block. Northwest marijuana producers apprehensive about Sessions. Alameda County, California lays groundwork for marijuana farms. Nevada governor wants 10 percent tax on retail pot sales.

Cities in Canada weigh bans, new regulations in march toward cannabis legalization. Richmond, British Colombia vows to shut doors on legal marijuana dispensaries.