Cannabis News Round-Up

Marijuana backers vow to fight new bid to delay retail pot sales in Maine. Connecticut to consider legalizing recreational marijuana. Rhode Island lawmakers push to legalize marijuana, following Massachusetts. Lawmakers revisiting the Massachusetts marijuana law: Are they making big changes or small tweaks? Legal pot, opioid crisis come to an awkward crossroads in New England.

California cannabis farmers seek legal way to grow. Innovators of new pot products in California are struggling to protect their ideas. California legalization of recreational marijuana brings no immediate change on dispensaries.

Majority of police think marijuana laws should be relaxed. Marijuana reforms flood state legislatures. Legal marijuana states see flood of new weed products as cannabis goes mainstream. Cowen & Co. races to be $6 billion pot industry’s financial guru. New workplace challenge: marijuana laws. Colorado marijuana sales top $106M in November.

New Jersey marijuana legislation inches ahead despite Gov. Christie warning. D.C. considers defying federal law on full marijuana legalization.

No, marijuana legalization isn’t crushing craft beer. When will marijuana stores open in Nevada? Despite being legal, it’s going to be a while.

North Korea cheered as pot paradise, but evidence is hazy. Canada marijuana industry needs innovation to thrive, not protection.

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  1. One of the things to which I have been looking forward is the regularization of cultivation, getting it out of steep eroding sites in Mendocino County with unapproved pesticides, etc. Not to mention the regular sad stories of innocent hikers getting shot dead because they had inadvertently stumbled on a grow site out in the woods. It should grow in fields in the Central Valley, displacing cotton.

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