Cannabis News Round-Up

Pot’s legal in California. So why are people still getting busted in Yosemite? California cannabis growers call for changes to Proposition 64 harvest tax.

This DEA tweet accidentally reveals one of the big arguments for legalizing marijuana. DEA’s marijuana-eradication program still targets Washington, where (some) pot is legal. Will legal weed come to Yakima County, Washington? The issue could end up in court.

What’s the future of marijuana in Colorado? Colorado grants $2.3 million for marijuana health and safety research. Oregon medical marijuana dispensaries no longer selling recreational pot.

Home growers in Massachusetts experimenting under new marijuana law. Connecticut legislature considers legalizing recreational marijuana. Maine financial institutions steering clear of marijuana businesses.

Arizona man arrested for possession surprised to find state didn’t legalize marijuana. Marijuana legalization question could land on future Missouri ballot with the correct number of signatures. DC Council member proposes law to fully legalize marijuana. 2-1 vote kickstarts Nevada department to oversee recreational marijuana sales.

Guam marijuana legalization takes a new turn.

The real estate industry smells big money in marijuana. Senators urge Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) to update guidelines on legalized marijuana.

Marijuana legalization in Europe: Is France next?