Cannabis news round-up

Vaping injury outbreak hasn’t hurt marijuana legalization support, Gallup poll shows. The vaping illness outbreak is strengthening the argument for legalizing marijuana. Some states with legal weed embrace vaping bans, warn of black market risks. 

Despite confusing cannabis laws, America has its first smoking café in West Hollywood. Are more coming? Governor Newsom’s cautious approach on marijuana bums out California cannabis advocates. Regulation and thriving black market burning up profits of California legal weed business.

Can a judge tell a probationer not to consume medical marijuana? The Colorado Supreme Court is now facing that question.

Chicago City Council oks rules for recreational pot sales despite lingering minority ownership issues. Chicago‘s first recreational marijuana store just got ok’d—but you might not be able to buy weed there on January 1st. Six more Illinois medical pot shops granted licenses to sell recreational marijuana. Bloomington, Normal, Illinois councils to discuss legal sales of marijuana. Most southern Illinois clergy aren’t opposed marijuana legalization, but the votes weren’t unanimous. Former lawmakers are cashing in on Michigan lucrative marijuana industry. Senator optimistic about Michigan pot legalization in 2020.

Being a marijuana sommelier is now a thing in Massachusetts. Does it make sense to take regional approach in Northeast to taxing legal marijuana? 

A major DC cannabis-review site is shutting down because its founder doesn’t think there’s any safe way to consume weed.

New Arizona cannabis group coming up with alternative initiative to legalize marijuana. Legalization of marijuana puts Lincoln County, New Mexico youth at risk, Sheriff says.

Is Wisconsin missing out on the money by not legalizing marijuana? 
Legalizing marijuana: Where Wisconsin lawmakers stand. 

Poll shows strong majority favor legalizing marijuana in New York
Move carefully on path to legal marijuana in New York.

Sanders’ marijuana legalization plan goes furthest of any candidate. 2020 Democrats lean on ‘myth’ of marijuana-incarceration link. Senate marijuana hearing highlights how Schedule I status blocks research. Senate hearing to focus on marijuana and health this week. Most Democratic candidates favor marijuana legalization—with one important exception. 

Surgeon General adamantly opposes medical, recreational marijuana. The federal government should regulate state marijuana programs, former FDA head advocates. Three years after cannabis legalization, a look at the state of THC drug testing. Marijuana legalization doesn’t necessarily reduce crime, it changes the type of crime. The budding industry of cannabis tech. The roots of CBD’s weird FDA status.

Key Mexico lawmaker proposes legalizing all drugs to combat cartel violence. Can legal marijuana stop Mexico drug cartels?

Canberra’s legalization of cannabis clashes with Australia federal laws.