Cannabis News Round-Up

Mexico is catching up to US states on marijuana legalization. Surge in Australia support to decriminalize marijuana, multi-decade survey finds. How the largest legal weed company in the world is preparing for coming Canada legalization. Looming legal marijuana industry remains hazy for Alberta  justice officials. The global experiment of marijuana legalization.

Colorado marijuana sales breaking records, could hit $2 billion by 2020. No change in Colorado teens’ marijuana use before and after legalization, study finds. Lessons from Colorado: One city bucks pot legalization. Do more teens smoke when pot is legal? We still don’t know.

Oregon cannabis sales jump 29 percent during Christmas shopping season. Masked intruders hit Oregon legal marijuana grow. Oregon should streamline and inform its efforts in fostering the pot market. What happened in Washington after voters legalized recreational marijuana.

Massachusetts governor signs bill delaying pot shop openings. Fix the Massachusetts pot law, but not in a smoke-filled room. Why a skirmish over pot legalization in Massachusetts is making some progressives paranoid.Pot among likely issues for the new Massachusetts Legislature.

Anti-marijuana forces urge Maine lawmakers to delay legalization. Lots of work to do before Maine marijuana smokers can light up. Visions of legal made-in-Maine pot brownies dance in their heads. New Hampshire Senate president to-do list: Legalize pot. New Hampshire neighbors push pot legalization dialogue.

Despite loss in Arizona, recreational pot backers upbeat about future. Countdown to Nevada legal pot: How will the law impact the court system? Twenty things to know about legal marijuana in Nevada. Recreational marijuana legal in Nevada but not to purchase.

California agencies may struggle to implement new pot tax due to state and federal laws. California town will charge home growers $141 for the privilege.

Reuters: After states legalized medical marijuana, traffic deaths fell. LA Times: The voters have spoken on marijuana. Trump ought to listen. Three factors that could change the DEA’s mind about marijuana.

Ohio marijuana supporters worried by Sessions. Friends, foes of pot watching Sessions nomination.

NCADD: A strategy to assess the consequences of marijuana legalization. Should Mary and Jane be legal? Americans’ attitudes toward marijuana and same-sex marriage legalization, 1988–2014. Michael Wilding’s In the Valley of the Weed: Fiction on legalizing marijuana. Six predictions for the marijuana industry In 2017.