Cannabis News Round-Up

Massachusetts, marijuana capital of the world? With statewide legalization, UMASS bans marijuana.

Does Maine Governor have the right to stop marijuana legalization? Towns consider moratoriums after Maine voters legalize marijuana.

Legalized pot could add up to $15 million to Rhode Island coffers in first year.

“Invalid” Colorado county special marijuana tax collected $1.36 million that could have to be returned. Teen marijuana use drops sharply in Colorado. Survey indicates adolescent marijuana use fell after Colorado pot shops opened. How has legalization affected teen marijuana use? Already a brain drain of Colorado expertise on legalized marijuana?

Is marijuana legalization in California the beginning of the end of the war on weed? Pot ads along highways? California lawmakers wrangle over legalization’s consequences. Legal pot growers are driving a different kind of boom in California.

Oregonians see value in banks working with legal marijuana businesses.

Guam Governor: Legalize recreational pot.

The marijuana business comes to Washington DC.

What legal states need to know about sketchy pot tax predictions.

Don’t tread on weed. VP-Elect Pence: Where will the new administration take cannabis policy? What the drug war could look like under President Trump.

Urgent quest for answers has states, nations upping ante on cannabis research. Half of Americans continue to support legalizing recreational marijuana. The growing movement for marijuana amnesty.

How legalizing marijuana could change Canada-US relations. ‘Real money is in recreational marijuana’: Canada businesses look forward to a pivotal 2017.