Cannabis News Round-Up

California Senate passes legislation to create state-chartered cannabis banks. California lawmakers already want to roll back a key promise of marijuana legalization. California marijuana industry is a mess, new data shows. How legalization changed Humboldt County, California. Marijuana sales in east poised to rival western markets including Colorado, California.

Social equity becomes a key question in New Jersey, other states. With New Jersey legal pot on hold, is decriminalization next? New Jersey lawmakers forge ahead with trio of pot bills. Money messed up New Jersey marijuana legalization’s justice angle. Plan to stop most weed arrests in New Jersey just advanced, but there’s a lot more work to do.

Is there enough political support for New York legalization? Activists want Westchester, New York to just say no to legalized marijuana. New York marijuana legalization bill could prevent police searches of cars based on smell of pot. What New York can learn from Mexico about marijuana legalization.

As Connecticut marijuana legalization falters, supporters eye constitutional amendment. Maine hopes to avoid pitfalls during marijuana legalization push.

Legal weed bill is back in Delaware, and a battle is brewing.

Most of Illinois says marijuana should be legal. Opinions on legalizing marijuana mixed in DeKalb County, Illinois. Illinois should take the slow road on marijuana. Illinois marijuana legalization proposal unclear on what information about pot companies could be kept secret. Legalizing pot in Illinois will harm minority-owned businesses and communities. What does the legalization in Illinois mean?

North Dakota marijuana legalization group withdraws petition for rewrite.

Why pot legalization is dividing Democrats.Biden’s shift on marijuana came days before fundraiser with pro-legalization donor. Marijuana legalization goes mainstream with first-ever forum in Capitol complex. State treasurers group endorses marijuana banking legislation. Using marijuana revenue to create jobs. Let’s really talk about marijuana: I sold the stuff as a kid, and I’m proud to lead the push to decriminalize and end the stigma associated with pot records.

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  1. New Jersey, what a mess. Justice takes a back seat to new-fangled “equity” politics. To benefit a couple of black entrepreneurs, we have to continue to ruin the lives of hundreds of other African Americans?

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