Cannabis News Round-Up

Denver mayor says legal immigrants are being denied citizenship due to work in marijuana industry. In dangerous practice, Colorado legal marijuana is still a cash business. Turning point for legal marijuana in Colorado: Big changes in the works as state plays catchup. “Employment and Marijuana Use Among Washington State Adolescents Before and After Legalization of Retail Marijuana.” Marijuana home deliveries challenged by California cities in new lawsuit.

Michigan governor celebrates marijuana legalization in video for hash bash event. Panel suggests Michigan not set legal limit for driving with marijuana in system. Why more than 400 Michigan communities are saying no to recreational pot businesses.

“Cash is still king” in Massachusetts marijuana industry. Public safety still a concern two years after legalization of recreational marijuana in Massachusetts.New Hampshire House votes to legalize recreational marijuana. Clarendon, Vermont further prepares to outlaw marijuana sales ahead of possible state legalization.

Legalized marijuana in New York will have to wait. Cuomo vows to pass New York legal marijuana law by June. What’s next for legalization in New York? New York marijuana legalization is a critical part of criminal justice reform. New York marijuana: What to know about cannabis lobbying and political influence. The clubby, corporate marijuana market New York wants to avoid is right next door.

Is legalization still alive in New Jersey? Inside the strange, messy fight to legalize weed in New Jersey. New Jersey marijuana legalization: Make expungement fit the crime. New Jersey colleges put cannabis studies on the curriculum. Time to consider legal marijuana in Pennsylvania.

Expect delays legalizing Illinois marijuana for recreational use. Activists on both sides are pushing hard as marijuana legalization bill looms in Illinois. Polling suggests Wisconsin favors legalizing cannabis, but hurdles remain. Legalization backers to make another try in 2020 in North Dakota.

Lawmakers optimistic about new federal marijuana bill. C’mon Congress, it’s time to lighten up on pot.

2020 candidate Andrew Yang promises to legalize marijuana and pardon all non-violent drug offenders on 4/20 if he’s elected. Elizabeth Warren says bill would protect legal pot states from federal interference. Beto O’Rourke’s 2011 book on legalizing marijuana has sold about 4,000 copies. Legalizing pot is the new Democratic litmus test.

The public-health case for legalizing marijuana. Can marijuana help end the opioids crisis? More colleges adding marijuana to their study programs. Why Barneys’ high-end head shop may be the future of cannabis-related retail. Marijuana legalization sparked a return to false link between smokers and violence. Your cannabis can’t be certified organic—but now it can be kosher.

Legalization in Canada sparks rally in marijuana stocks. Mexico considering legalizing marijuana use. Marijuana legalization becomes unexpected issue in Israeli polls.

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