Cannabis News Round-Up

Marijuana will be legal in Maine; opposition drops recount request. Maine new marijuana law may take effect by end of January. New Hampshire Senate minority leader to propose bill to legalize marijuana.

Felony pot convictions could become misdemeanors under California marijuana legalization law. Marijuana apps taking off while California legal uncertainty persists. California prohibition, then and now.

Federal ban means pot still outlawed in some parts of Massachusetts. Changes in Massachusetts pot law may be clouded in controversy.

How will Nevada legalized recreational marijuana affect the gaming industry? Nevada marijuana industry urges strict testing for recreational market.Arizona bill would legalize marijuana, nullify federal prohibition.

One way to protect Washington legal weed market from Trump: Burn it to the ground.  Colorado offers another model for marijuana industry: Its pot czar.

Why pot industry will keep growing under Trump. Hemp growers may try to block federal ban on marijuana extracts. Brave New Weed: Adventures into the Uncharted World of Cannabis.  Bussinesswire: The Legal Marijuana Market (2016–2020). Risky business: Marijuana real estate boom or bust?

How Canada legalization of marijuana could change relations with the US.