Cannabis News Round-Up

San Francisco District Attorney to wipe out 9,000-plus pot cases going back to 1975. An algorithm is helping expunge San Francisco weed-related convictions. We take you inside a Colorado legal marijuana grow house. Colorado governor: Federal crackdown would be ‘existential threat’ to marijuana industry. Colorado governor talks cannabis and the economy.

Nearly 300 Michigan towns just say no to marijuana businesses. Michigan is looking for advice to help develop rules for legal marijuana.

New Hampshire House passes marijuana legalization bill. Vermont Senate expected to vote on legal marijuana sales bill this week. Firm that lost Maine marijuana bid undecided on appeal.

Legal in New Jersey or not, some cities ban marijuana. Brick, New Jersey to ban recreational marijuana sales? Cory Booker and four 2020 presidential rivals endorse marijuana legalization.

New York recreational marijuana legalization: What to know about drugged driving. New York law enforcement, prosecutors anticipate legalization of recreational marijuana. New York counties skeptical of marijuana legalization. New York cannabis industry jonesing to get pot legalized before state gets left out of smoking circle. Cuomo, de Blasio say New York pot sales will help fix the subway. How New York is preparing for legal weed.

DuBois, Pennsylvania speaks out on recreational marijuana legalization.

Florida lawmakers file legislation to legalize marijuana. Dueling New Mexico bills lay out different visions for recreational marijuana.

Indiana governor not in favor of legalized marijuana. Racine, Wisconsin law enforcement officials concerned about governor’s marijuana reform plan. After marijuana’s legalization elsewhere, why not Minnesota?Iowa evenly split on marijuana legalization.

All 2020 presidential candidates now support marijuana legalization efforts—even the Republicans. Democrats are unafraid to inhale in 2020’s Pot Primary. Amy Klobuchar (suddenly) backs legalizing marijuana. What Trump said in private conversations about cannabis revealed.

Congress asked the Fed chief about marijuana banking.

Why the legal cannabis industry loves the Ford Transit van. Legal cannabis poses a long-term risk to all beverage alcohol categories, says consulting group. This is the surprising reason why Americans have dramatically shifted their views on legalizing pot. Pharm to table? Martha Stewart to become cannabis adviser. The New Normal—A short by Spike Jonze. Fast-growing pot seller MedMen faces lawsuit by former insider.

US cannabis law is helping Canada make hay. Former dispensary operator sues Ontario over ‘arbitrary’ and ‘unlawful’ cannabis retail lottery. Canada co-ops springing up as smaller growers seek to compete. Nearly 1 in 6 in Canada have used marijuana since recreational pot was legalized.

Could fully legal marijuana in Thailand be next after medical marijuana approval? Advocates push home-growing, export potential.