Cannabis News Round-Up

New push in Congress to open banks to marijuana industry. New problem for legal weed: Exploding pot factories. Growing marijuana industry struggles to attract entrepreneurs of color. Drug laws have historically been racist. Marijuana activists are helping minority dealers go legal.

New Jersey legalization timeline, licenses and other questions answered. New Jersey won’t see legal weed sales until January at earliest, top lawmaker says. Is New Jersey any closer to legalizing? Why New Jersey governor is tamping down talk of a breakthrough. New Jersey marijuana legalization: Legal weed supported by all age groups, says Monmouth Poll. Marijuana tax in New Jersey? It could be $42 an ounce.

Legalization bill approved by key New Hampshire House committee. Legalize pot? Amid opioid crisis, some New Hampshire leaders say no way. Salem, Massachusetts pot shop puts recreational sales on hold after tracking data goes up in smoke. Niagara County, New York forms committee to look at potential impact of legal marijuana. Should marijuana be sold at New York City bodegas? Staten Island weighs in. Pennsylvania lawmaker wants statewide vote on legal marijuana.

Maryland lawmakers to study legalizing recreational marijuana in 2020 with state law or by referendum. North Carolina lagging behind as marijuana legalization sweeps nation.

Illinois and Connecticut governors tout marijuana legalization in unveiling of state budget proposals. Pritzker’s budget depends on new revenue from legalizing marijuana in Illinois. How to screw up the Illinois burgeoning cannabis business. Michigan company sells books, gifts marijuana, in legal gray area. Most top Ohio officials say they haven’t tried it, don’t want it legalized for personal use.

Alaska cannabis industry concerned by uncertainty. California black market for pot is stifling legal sales. Now the governor wants to step up enforcement. Montana lawmaker proposes committee to study legalization of marijuana.

Forget Bitcoin, cannabis is the place to go, says US wealth advisor. Popular book on marijuana’s apparent dangers is pure alarmism, experts say. Is marijuana legalization driving increases in violent crime?

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