Cannabis News Round-Up

Australia set to legalize cannabis. Vicente Fox thinks Mexico could soon be exporting cannabis to the US, legally.

Kamala Harris supports legal pot, all of a sudden. Where Amy Klobuchar stands on marijuana. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: No shame in a president smoking weed. Why did pro-legalization lawmakers vote to ban people with drug convictions from V.A. employment? Congress moves closer to delivering protections for banks that work with the pot industry.

New York marijuana legalization fight heats up at Capitol. Slowing the New York legal weed freight train. How will New York legal marijuana be taxed, regulated? Brooklyn medical marijuana salon worried about New York legal recreational weed. Trends in Marijuana Enforcement in New York State, 1990–2017. Long Island politician fighting Cuomo’s marijuana push. Monroe County, New York marijuana advocates say police have it wrong when it comes to legalization.

Is New Jersey marijuana legalization on the way? Or will New York, Pennsylvania get there first? Pennsylvania statewide pot tour: Exercise in democracy or puffed-up political show? Pennsylvania legislators chime in on legalizing recreational marijuana. Baltimore top prosecutor seeks to right “extraordinary wrong” with pot convictions petition. Southern Maryland reacts to bills to legalize marijuana.

Colorado marijuana sales crack $6 billion since 2014 legalization, state says. Why Colorado pot money has no impact on the Denver teachers strike. Denver new program to erase low-level marijuana convictions launches. Alaska crime bill may need exemption to keep recreational marijuana industry legal. Washington marijuana legalization and traffic fatalities involving cannabinoids. California trusts the weed industry more than social media. Hawaii should be the next state to legalize marijuana. Travel agents react to possibility of legal marijuana in Hawaii.

Massachusetts lawmakers want more changes to pot law. First legal marijuana stores are open in Massachusetts, but industry is far from mature. With marijuana legal across all borders, what does it mean for New Hampshire? Rhode Island residents express displeasure with marijuana legalization.

ABC system is the right path forward for marijuana legalization in North Carolina.

Illinois lawmakers turn attention to marijuana. Legalizing marijuana in Illinois is a good idea. Marijuana legalization would save Wisconsin hundreds of millions of dollars every year.

Legalized marijuana has no impact on alcohol sales. New book sees benefits of legalized marijuana. Yes, marijuana legalization is working.