Cannabis News Round-Up

S.420—A bill to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to provide for the taxation and regulation of marijuana products. States would get free hand under marijuana bill. House Financial Services Committee will hear cannabis banking bill next week.

Oregon lawmakers consider interstate marijuana commerce, banning employers from forcing workers to abstain from legal substances. In Oregon border town, a windfall could come from marijuana sales to Idaho. Is proposed Oregon marijuana export plan a solution to state’s cannabis glut—or a pipe dream? California marijuana production faces “war” from Asian American communities in San Gabriel Valley.

Massachusetts bill would mandate minority inclusion among marijuana licensees. Massachusetts post offices confiscated record number of marijuana packages in 2018. Marijuana legalization showdown in New Hampshire State House. New Hampshire Democrats push for legalization of marijuana sales, growing. New Hampshire lawmakers hear arguments for, against legalizing recreational marijuana. Senate Democrats making push for legal pot in Connecticut. Connecticut pot legalization could include expungement of criminal records. UConn offers cannabis horticulture class to prepare students for future in legal pot. Connecticut coalition protests I-91 billboard advertising marijuana.

New York police unions unanimously oppose legalizing marijuana. Sheriffs across New York speak out against legalizing recreational marijuana. Law enforcement leaders in western New York warn of dangers of marijuana legalization.

Maryland lawmakers introduce marijuana legalization bills. Tennessee lawmaker proposes bill to legalize recreational marijuana. New Mexico legalization advances in House. First bill emerges this year to legalize marijuana in Illinois—would allow up to 24 plants at home. We support Illinois legalizing marijuana. Here are the hurdles we see.

Hawaii marijuana legalization bill clears committee hurdle.

John Boehner leads new marijuana lobbying effort. Pot stocks may be a bubble that needs to burst. Scientists race to make pot like booze—drinkable.