Cannabis News Round-Up

Pennsylvania lawmaker introduces bill to legalize recreational marijuana. Latest Pennsylvania marijuana legalization proposal would clear criminal records, release inmates. First stops on Pennsylvania listening tour for marijuana legalization to be in Perry, Dauphin counties.

Will New Hampshire legalize recreational marijuana use?. Friends, foes of pot line up. Connecticut lawmakers say they’re getting closer to legalizing recreational marijuana. Why most Massachusetts marijuana sales are on the black market, two years after legalization.

Plan to legalize recreational marijuana in New York moves slowly. Cuomo holding out hope for New York marijuana legalization in budget. Times Square “marijuana justice” billboards running this weekend urge Cuomo to pursue New York legalization grounded in racial and economic justice. “Legalize marijuana without corporatized marijuana,” says New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. Cuomo‘s push for New York legal pot should peel off from budget package. The scramble to profit from New York legal pot.

Portland, Oregon awards first equity grants to two minority-owned cannabis businesses. Marijuana supply far outweighs demand in Oregon legal market, new study says. California pot shops have been only open a year. They’re already lobbying for a tax cut. Colorado the example for legalization in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Illinois legislators lay out plans for recreational marijuana proposal. Illinois Catholic bishops oppose marijuana legalization, but proponent says God put pot ‘on this planet for a reason’. Advocates for Kentucky legalized marijuana to rally at the Capitol. Iowa Democrat’s proposal to legalize marijuana likely dead on arrival. Iowa should regulate marijuana like beer, wine and liquor. Minnesota Republican state senator co-authors bill to legalize cannabis.

Congress is seriously considering regulating weed like alcohol. Cory Booker calls for legalizing marijuana as he launches 2020 bid. Sen. Burr floats FDA marijuana legalization conspiracy theory. Sen. Durbin raises concerns about legalizing marijuana in break with party. Traffic deaths rose, then fell, after three states legalized marijuana. Wall Street banks face hurdles as they rush to cover the suddenly booming marijuana industry. Why do so many Americans now support legalizing marijuana.

Guam governor supports recreational marijuana bill. Guam recreational marijuana violates US law. Feds say there’s no cannabis supply shortage in Canada. So why are shops always short on pot? The Netherlands isn’t as weed-friendly as it used to be.