Cannabis News Round-Up

Cannibidiol hemp oil named a Schedule I drug by DEA.

It’s wicked dank in Massachusetts, brah: pot is legal. Boston reminds residents about marijuana rules. Legal marijuana will be a real test for Massachusetts. Boston dispensary giving away free seeds. What Massachusetts residents need to know about legal weed. With pot legal in Massachusetts, how goes Vermont effort?  What can New Hampshire expect now that pot’s legal in Massachusetts?

Maine recount heads into second week after snow delay. Connecticut seeks to take leading position in expanding marijuana market.

Parents face custody issues over California legal cannabis use. Why California legal marijuana sales rollout could be delayed. How new regulations aid Santa Cruz growers.

Here’s what Colorado‘s governor has to tell other states about legalizing marijuana. Fake news alert: LA Times wrongly reports cannabis edibles deaths, repeated by Colorado governor. Colorado proposes to build affordable housing with legal marijuana tax revenues. Colorado researchers receive $2.35 million to study marijuana use on driving, other impacts of legalization. Colorado marijuana sales: $1 billion in first 10 months of 2016.

Anchorage sees first retail pot store open Thursday. Nevada legal pot launch not expected to hurt state budget. Efforts to legalize pot hit roadblock via a Missouri county prosecutor.

Sessions pick could have a huge impact on all of Colorado. The marijuana industry needs to stand up to Sessions. How marijuana could be Trump’s political vice.

Bipartisan group of senators presses federal regulator for clear guidance on banking services for vendors working with legal marijuana businesses.

Even the weed industry isn’t safe from automation. Don’t bet your job on legal pot. Marijuana is harder than ever for younger teens to find.

DUI: Why this issue should be cannabis consumers’ most pressing concern.

Canadian task force advises wide-ranging legalization of recreational marijuana. Canadian legal marijuana is coming. Canadian legal weed will be ridiculously profitable — and a huge headache. Pot chains make plans to expand across Canada ahead of legalization. British Columbia cannabis growers high on legal pot prospects. Marijuana chain to defy law, open outlets in Montreal.