Cannabis News Round-Up

Weed delivery officially legal in California. Marijuana is legal in California. So why is the California Highway Patrol arresting delivery drivers? Legalization of marijuana off to sluggish start in Sonoma County, California. Weedmapsgrip on the high-flying California pot market.

Marijuana taxes are exceeding revenue projections in most states.

New Illinois governor touts legal marijuana, but will he remove roadblocks to expand medical pot? Illinois, there are red flags on legalizing recreational pot. Groups urge Illinois lawmakers not to legalize recreational marijuana. Cook County, Illinois prosecutor supports marijuana legalization, will expunge misdemeanor convictions. What does Michigan legalization of recreational marijuana mean for drug-sniffing dogs?

South Carolina officials call marijuana ‘addictive, dangerous’ in push to prevent legalization. Latest bill to legalize New Mexico marijuana gains momentum. West Virginia cannabis moving toward legalization, legitimization.

Oregon Democrats top recipient of 2018 marijuana industry money, study finds. Alaska governor picks shake up board regulating marijuana.

New York college to offer classes on growing marijuana. Jefferson County, New York seems unlikely to ban sales of recreational marijuana for now. Chautauqua County, New York fights against the legalization of marijuana. Long Island municipalities ponder marijuana opt-out. Legalize recreational marijuana in New York, but answer these questions first. Bloomberg: Trying to legalize New York marijuana is “perhaps the stupidest thing anybody has ever done”.

New Jersey marijuana legalization: Promises about legal weed benefits are false. Critics urge New Jersey to pump brakes on increasing access to marijuana. New Jersey Certified Public Accountants split on legal marijuana. New Jersey marijuana legalization: Is decriminalization a better option? Washington DC mayor considers how to legalize marijuana sales in light of Congress’ block. Councilman wants voters to decide whether Philadelphia legalizes recreational marijuana usage. Pennsylvania governor announces town hall sessions on legalizing marijuana.

Rhode Island governor to propose marijuana legalization as neighboring states launch programs. Connecticut legislators have introduced the first legal marijuana bill of 2019. Here’s what it would do. Five reasons some in Connecticut are saying “no” to legal marijuana. Vermont governor shares thoughts on legalizing marijuana. Maine marijuana legalization timeline goes up in smoke.

Nebraska Attorney General says marijuana industry behind legalization effort. Poll shows Wisconsin majority in favor of marijuana legalization.
Wisconsin should speed up legalization of marijuana. Minnesota legislators begin pushing marijuana legalization measures.

Veterans look to Congress for legal cannabis. Young people in liberal states use more cannabis, but have lower rates of dependence.As marijuana legalization expands, the NFL clings to prohibition. For now. Joe Montana joins investment in legal marijuana operator. Why 2019 could be marijuana’s biggest year yet.

Trump’s Attorney General nominee may shift policy on marijuana enforcement. The dangers of health and safety: Marijuana legalization as frontier capitalism. Does marijuana use really cause psychotic disorders? A state-run bank for marijuana money? Not so fast. The pitfalls of weed legalization.

Legal Canada marijuana sales top $40m in first month. Lawmakers in Portugal debate two marijuana legalization bills.