Cannabis News Round-Up

Virginia legislation to legalize marijuana fails.

Gov. Cuomo announces plan for marijuana legalization, calls for automatic record sealing and economic justice. Legal marijuana may come to New York—and so will legal marijuana taxes. Bloomberg on NY legalization: “It’s just nonsensical.” New York legislators weigh in on marijuana debate. New York Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act. Some New York counties would consider opting out of legalization of marijuana sales. Questions remain over legal recreational marijuana across New York. New York Association of Chiefs of Police opposing recreational marijuana legalization. Local reaction mixed to New York governor marijuana plan.

New Jersey governor State of the State: Legalizing marijuana. Lead sponsor of New Jersey recreational weed bill says he’s “losing faith” in governor, weighing ballot vote. Is Pennsylvania ready for recreational marijuana legalization?

States hold breath as Attorney General nominee William Barr says he won’t prosecute pot in marijuana-legal states. How long can Congress keep pretending marijuana legalization isn’t becoming the norm?

Michigan slow rollout for legal marijuana prompts questions. Michigan can have smooth pot legalization. It’s reefer gladness in Illinois. But let’s slow our roll on legalizing recreational pot. Emotions run high in Minnesota debate on legalizing marijuana. Wisconsingovernor supports legalization of recreational marijuana.

A look back at the first year of legal marijuana sales in California. Washington lawmakers consider legalizing marijuana home cultivation.

Where does your governor stand on marijuana legalization? Legalizing marijuana in the US: the economic highs (and lows). Alex Berenson responds to blowback from anti-pot book in Fox News article.

Is Latin America the next big (legal) marijuana market?