Cannabis News Round-Up

Massachusetts cannabis panel seeks authority to scrutinize shops’ pacts with towns. Massachusetts recreational cannabis industry navigates tricky regulatory terrain. Vermont senate committee releases commercial marijuana legalization bill details. Connecticut legal marijuana could be available by the end of this year. Governor Raimondo will propose legalizing pot in Rhode Island.

Thirteen Chicago mayoral candidates unanimously endorse marijuana legalization at forum. Illinois legal weed is great, but black and brown communities can’t be left behind.

Cuomo set to reveal his plan to make marijuana legal. Nassau County, New York creates marijuana task force to prepare for state legalization. Thorny questions threaten to slow legal marijuana in New York. Will New York marijuana legalization impact past convictions? New York cities, towns could opt-out under gov’s plan. Colleges likely to continue bans if New York legalizes recreational marijuana use. Film festival aims to reduce marijuana stigma as New York moves closer to legalization. With New York marijuana legalization likely, Long Island police caution about driving high.

New Jersey could lose out on millions of dollars if it doesn’t legalize weed soon.

Bill sponsor says Virginia legal marijuana is example of limited government, personal liberty.

Arriving at the least bad marijuana policy. Alex Berenson’s book. Sorry, but Malcolm Gladwell is just plain wrong about marijuana. All the things the new anti-weed crusade gets horribly wrong.