Cannabis News Round-Up

New Jersey gets ready for legal weed. No stoner ads. New Jersey towns buck marijuana legalization. New Jersey legal weed already facing backlash. As New Jersey pot debate drags on, New York races to legalize recreational marijuana. Are New York lawmakers on board with legal marijuana? New York marijuana legalization must bring justice, too. New York needs a serious debate before legalizing marijuana. Many unanswered questions on how to legalize marijuana in New York. New York prosecutors: Legalizing pot will require better drugged-driving tools. Allegany County, New York plots legal marijuana response. Legalized marijuana, driving safety topic of discussion in Rockville Centre, New York. Oswego County, New York experts weigh in on legalized marijuana. Nassau County, New York taskforce to study impact of marijuana legalization.

What will the Massachusetts recreational marijuana industry mean for Berkshire County? Charlton,Massachusetts board rejects huge marijuana cultivation facility. Connecticut House speaker pledges to push marijuana legalization forward in 2019. New hope for bill to legalize DC marijuana sales.

Virginia delegate fights to have marijuana legalized. Majority of West Virginia House Democrats favor recreational marijuana legalization. Legal pot or not? A New Mexico debate.

Legalize marijuana to beat Pennsylvania opioid crisis. For racial justice, Pennsylvania legalized marijuana must be taxed correctly.

More than sixty Michigan cities opt out of the marijuana industry. Marijuana social club plans opening near Flint amid legal haze. Wisconsin Republican leaders remain opposed to marijuana legalization despite moves by neighbors.

Denver will erase some marijuana convictions. The mayor says it could finally diversify an “awfully white” industry. What is Oregon going to do with over a million pounds of excess weed? Nevada commission wants law to expunge marijuana convictions. 

The case against cannabis: A journalist’s pursuit of the truth about marijuana, mental illness and violence. Did marijuana legalization really increase homicide rates? Is marijuana as safe as we think? When is someone too high to drive? Marijuana needs warning labels like tobacco for associated mental, physical health risks. On marijuana legalization, let science lead the way.

Surgeon General believes it’s high time for marijuana reclassification. As marijuana legalization spreads, so does the idea of pardoning past offenders. Study shows no impact on spirits sales from legalized recreational marijuana. Pot sector focus shifts from legalization to legitimacy. Workplace rules complicate introduction of legal cannabis.

Marijuana reform tackled twice by new Congress within first day of business. A newly proposed bill, HR 420, is looking to legalize marijuana at the federal level. Fox News: Democrats are hypocritical in embrace of pot. Kamala Harris calls for legalizing marijuana and ending war on drugs in new book. One year after Sessions rescinded a federal marijuana memo, the sky hasn’t fallen.

Vancouver first two licensed marijuana retailers open for business.