Cannabis News Round-Up

Is Hawaii legal marijuana inevitable? Where Elizabeth Warren stands on marijuana. Legal marijuana made big promises on racial equity—and fell short.

Cuomo pledges marijuana legalization in inaugural address. Former police commissioner condemns New York legalization of recreational marijuana. New York retail unions plan to invade marijuana industry once it’s legalized. What legal pot looks like in New YorkNew York recreational marijuana legalization planned for the budget. Whither the weed dealer? One “care provider” on what New York legalization might do to the black market. Will New York beat New Jersey to the legal weed finish line?

Another New Jersey college jumps into the marijuana industry as legal weed looms. New Jersey marijuana legalization: Lessons learned from other states. I sponsored the New Jersey bill to legalize cannabis. Let’s use what we learned from legalizing casinos. As Pennsylvania mulls recreational marijuana, treatment experts stress: it can be addictive.

What’s next on horizon for California legal marijuana. Now for the hard part: Getting California to buy legal weed. How a corrupt California marijuana testing lab incident highlights the benefits of legalized marijuana. So far, so good for legal marijuana sales in Ventura Co., California.

Washington Governor to pardon thousands convicted of marijuana possession. Oregon may consider exporting marijuana to other states. 5 years of legal marijuana in Colorado. Almost half of Colorado marijuana money can go wherever lawmakers wish. Western Nebraska paying the price for Colorado marijuana legalization. Nevada dispensary sells America’s most expensive legal marijuana product for $11,000.

Groups searching for loopholes to get legal pot in MichiganMichigan recreational marijuana is legal, but Lansing’s largest employers don’t allow it. Indiana Governor remains against legalizing marijuana. Would recreational pot affect Illinois medical marijuana? Illinois marijuana legalization debate shifts from “when” to “how”. Idaho marijuana legalization advocates aim for 2020 ballot initiative.

Marijuana is more dangerous than you think. Murder Mountain: Where marijuana can kill.

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