Cannabis News Round-Up

Cuomo: Legalize recreational marijuana in 2019. Legalizing New York marijuana is now one of Cuomo’s priorities. He’s been resisting it for years. Will New York legalizing marijuana help disenfranchised communities? What legal pot could mean for New York. If New York legalizes marijuana, Onondaga County DA will erase convictions of past offenders. No chance New York legalizes weed before New Jersey, insiders say. New Jersey marijuana legalization: Cops still lack tools to police stoned driving. You want snacks with that? New Jersey bill considers marijuana delivery.

Salem marijuana retail store opens, the third in Massachusetts since pot legalization. With Massachusetts marijuana shops open, pot convention gets serious. With marijuana legal inMassachusetts, state needs dramatic increase in drug recognition officers, experts say. New Hampshire governor charges against marijuana legalization. Rhode Island might be peer pressured into legalizing marijuana by neighbors, governor hints.

Entrepreneur wants to start marijuana gifting business in Detroit. As metro Detroiters smoke legal pot, some await legal news on their future: Hundreds hopeful that criminal records will be expunged. Michigan municipalities sorting through legalization of recreational marijuana. Michigan bill to ban growing marijuana at home flames out. Make Illinois pot law model for nation. St. Paul City Council backs resolution to legalize recreational marijuana.

Colorado should wipe low-level marijuana convictions clean. Boulder County district attorney wants to toss 4,000 past marijuana convictions.Colorado Sen. Gardner will try to pass marijuana banking, other reforms in the Senate next week. Colorado cannabis business co-owners hit with $8.8M judgment.  Colorado Supreme Court to hear arguments in case that will decide future of pot-sniffing police dogsPot delivery one possibility as Colorado prepares for a year of change in marijuana industry.

Jim Belushi has jumped into the Oregon pot gameOregon needs a separate state agency for legal pot. No bright colors, but pot candy still legal in Washington. Reject Alaska on-site marijuana consumption.

Legal marijuana or not, green card holders caught with pot can still get deportedTrump’s new White House chief of staff supports marijuana reform. Miss Universe weighs in on marijuana legalization.

Mexican officials will ask other countries for marijuana legalization advice, foreign minister says. New Zealand to vote on legalizing marijuana in 2020.