Cannabis News Round-Up

California marijuana deliveries legal throughout state. Colorado Supreme Court to hear arguments in case that will decide future of pot-sniffing police dogs.

Michigan new marijuana law brings confusion. Marijuana legal in nearby Michigan, but high times end at Indiana border.

New York marijuana law should include reparations, supporters say. Pot stores are coming to New York, but Cuomo won’t say what they’ll look like. Could weed save New York‘s awful subwaysCuomo may include marijuana legalization in budget proposal next month.

Will New Jersey vote this year on legalizing weed? It all depends on a big meeting this week. What will New Jersey get from legal weed taxes? Vote on New Jersey legal marijuana unlikely by the end of the year, top Dems say. Expungement debate threatens to hold up New Jersey marijuana legalization.

Connecticut progressive caucus to push for marijuana legalization.

Rahm Emanuel wants to legalize marijuana, open casino to deal with city’s pension crisis. Illinois lawmakers talk marijuana legalization.

Marijuana legalization seems headed to Minnesota, but it’s unclear when.

US states hope legalized marijuana will solve their pension crisis. When the makers of Marlboro and Corona get into marijuana. Ron Paul: Marijuana federalism’s time has come. Does the law require the Drug Czar to lie about legalization? Marijuana legalization is working; most in US are on board. Ending weed prohibition hasn’t stopped drug crimes.
Jon Caulkins foresees dirt-cheap weed, THC appetizers, and a big impact from Canada.

Some Canada cannabis vendors are selling placebo weed oils, researchers say.

The case against UK cannabis legalization. The Volteface response to the Centre for Social Justice UK cannabis report.

New Zealand embraces medical marijuana with new law, now campaigners set sights on broader legalization.

Strains over Thailand legalization of marijuana.

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