Cannabis News Round-Up

Marijuana is now legal in California but it can still keep you from getting a job. Marijuana legalization may be put on hold in San Mateo County.  California attorneys and marijuana. California medical pot shops could sell recreational marijuana under this proposal. California Proposition 64: Legalizing pot a game-changer for many. California Courts: the nitty gritty details of Prop 64 (The Adult Use of Marijuana Act). How will California small marijuana businesses fare in the wake of Proposition 64? California Treasurer asks Trump for guidance on pot, banking. Eight unknowns about California‘s new marijuana laws. How will marijuana legalization affect California black-market exports? Will California marijuana be a bigger, better industry for Native Americans than casinos? California recreational pot is now legal, but Fresno, Tulare counties look to tighten rules. Can Oakland, a new capital of legal weed, undo the injustices of the war on drugs? Will Los Angeles legal pot shops be stymied by local politics?

Marijuana to be legal Thursday in Massachusetts. Pot becoming legal in Massachusetts, but not sell–yet. Rhode Island, Massachusetts marijuana markets intertwined. Marijuana legalization in Massachusetts and Maine raises concerns in New Hampshire.Maine marijuana legalization opponents criticized for coming up short on volunteers at start of recount. Massachusetts marijuana experts, activists give advice on legally growing, obtaining weed before retail stores open. Massachusetts Senate leader confirms parts of pot law may be delayed. Boston City Councilors look for ways to keep minorities from being shut out of legal marijuana business.

Maine employers facing new questions regarding legal marijuana. Maine legal marijuana recount could drag on for months. Maine police hold seminar to better understand legal marijuana.

What to know about legalization after Arizona Prop 205 defeat. Colorado lawmakers plan crackdown on home pot growers. Kentucky marijuana legalization not in pre-filed bills for 2017. Nevada regulators examining impact of legal marijuana on casinos.

Trump EPA pick: States have a right to spew pollution but not to legalize pot. Activists roll joint, offer free pot to Sessions staffers. Seven reasons why a war on pot would be a bad idea for Trump. Trump‘s prospective pick for head of FDA a hopeful sign for legal pot. At Philadelphia pot conference, industry leaders ponder business under Trump, Sessions. DEA laments that “media attention” is making it tough to put people in jail for pot. 

Legalizing marijuana might have negligible impact on border security. Industrial real estate market gets boost with marijuana legalization. The true story of two drifters who became cannabis pioneers. How the creative world is helping legal weed rebrand itself. Legal pot farmers hope to grow a green energy revolution.

Multinational firm with roots in Canada makes moves into Colorado cannabis. As another weed company enters the Canadian stock market, the word ‘bubble’ is popping up. Canada‘s parents prepare for realities of legalized marijuana. Trudeau urges Canadian police to ‘enforce the law’ on marijuana.

Legal cannabis in New Zealand? Green Party offers green light to pot smokers. Marijuana a step closer to being legalized in South Africa.

New York tweaks medical marijuana law, but no signs of legalization yet. New York police to keep close eye on pot-legal Massachusetts. Ex-Navy Seal who transported $1.4 million worth of marijuana makes impassioned plea for pot. Wall Street wants weed to become the next big investment opportunity.

Oregon moves to ease testing rules for legal marijuana. How soon could Denver businesses open the first social marijuana use areas? It’s still not clear.  Is legal weed flattening beer sales?  Where things stand on weed in the workplace.