Cannabis News of the Day

Scientists identify a gene that may predict cannabis psychosis risk 

Researchers at the University of Exeter and University College London found that the AKT1 genotype moderates acute psychotomimetic effects in young mentally healthy cannabis smokers.   442 subjects were tested while intoxicated (with their own cannabis) and also 7 days later when drug-free.  Variation at the rs2494732 locus of the AKT1 gene predicted acute psychotic reactions to the drug as well as dependence and higher schizotypal scores.

A previous study by Di Forti etal. found that cannabis smokers with the AKT1 variation had twice the rate of schizophrenia as those without the variation or those who had the variation but abstained. Daily cannabis smokers with the variation had a seven-fold risk.

If corroborated by future studies, gene testing might become de rigueur before lighting up. Until then, if cannabis makes you feel weird, paranoid or delusional you might want to switch to beer or wine, or, at least, a high CBD lower THC strain.

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