Cannabis News of the Day

More Massachusetts groups have signed onto the opposition to cannabis legalization in that state. All 14 Massachusetts sheriffs have stated their concern that legalization of the drug will destigmatize it and make children more likely to try it. Meanwhile, the Boston Globe has published a response to the eviscerating op-ed it published two weeks ago. Not lost in the debate over whether to legalize are the details of how. Here’s why pundits think that Massachusetts’s proposed stoned-driving law could use some work, and an overview of responses to the stoned-driving problem in America.

The anti-cannabis rhetoric in California, quiet until a month ago, is ramping up, perhaps to hyperbole. Does cannabis make normal people murderers?

The politics of federal cannabis policy get a little more complicated: Obama’s choice for the Supreme Court has a history with cannabis, and he doesn’t seem likely to support rescheduling anytime soon. The 2016 American election, unlike the last Canadian one, has avoided tackling the cannabis issue directly. But here’s why the substance could become an issue before November rolls around. If it does, the election could mean big things for legal cannabis. And with that in mind, here’s where your candidates stand on the issue.

The business end: The U.S. News and World Report wants to tell you how to invest in marijuana legalization. What they’re saying is nothing new: invest in niches and ancillary products, not the plant itself. But what about how to market all these new businesses? The Atlantic weighs in on the art of marketing cannabis to a newly created set of consumers.