Cannabis News of the Day

Looking for an explanation for police opposition to cannabis legalization? Here it is, in a nutshell.

And here are a few other groups who aren’t so gleeful about the green:

Educators in Arizona, including several superintendents, are amping up the rhetoric against legal pot.

So-called “Stoners Against Legalization,” seem non-plussed about losing prohibition-era profits.

Environmentalists may worry about the surprisingly large energy footprint left by the cannabis industry

Ohio donors only gave $268 to legalization efforts last month, despite a new policy push in the state.

Even Facebook isn’t so hot on pot, at least not according to Colorado cannabis dispensaries.

And public health advocates worry about the right way to move forward in California, in a new report.

Yet, there seem to be ways to meet in the middle – at least that’s what the Ohio pro-legalization camp is banking on.  Meanwhile, more states join the fray in earnest, including Rhode Island, and North Dakota, with more clearly on the way. 

Still, it isn’t easy being green. Just ask the people who are still being imprisoned for pot. Even for those in legal states, the bureaucratic burden may be too much to chew. And some say Obama “blew it” on cannabis reform. Could the next president be any different? And what about the Supreme Court?

Our neighbor to the north is still optimistic, and that, at least, should give us hope that somewhere, sometime, legalization will be done the right way. Thanks, Canada.

2 thoughts on “Cannabis News of the Day”

  1. In a smaller nutshell, police opposition boils down to: there's not enough money to steal via 'asset forfeiture' if we can't continue to harass pot smokers/dealers/growers.

    We're not that interested in enforcing the law unless we can make a profit.

  2. I don't follow mj news this closely, but I do have a question.

    What is up with this 6 plant restriction in the California initiative which (or that? can't remember…) is, according to NPR, getting all the support? Is this a corporate giveaway of some sort? If we're saying mj is just fine and legalizing it for adults, then why the restriction? Also, how much is an ounce? Is that a lot? Is that enough for a regular, responsible homebody user? People have this tendency to put way too many things into their props. I think it smells fishy.

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