Cannabis News of the Day

More foes emerge as Arizona legalization campaign submits signatures. These people want to show Alaska tourists the cannabis industry. California cannabis to cost just $1 per gram after November ballot.

Washington finds undisclosed pesticides in cannabis growing products. Enumclaw residents say they will sue King County over cannabis farms. Misrepresenting Colorado cannabis could harm further legalization. Industry fights effort to limit cannabis potency in Colorado.

If legalized, should Massachusetts residents be allowed to grow marijuana at home? Guam may focus on medical cannabis before its pursuit of recreational use. Congress must ease banking regulations on cannabis businesses.

DEA source confirms Schedule II medical cannabis is in the works. To better understand pot, Canada should look to Colorado. Canada’s stance on pot is not a ‘red flag’ issue for US. Canadian marijuana task force rules out storefront weed.

Marijuana impairment is ‘a big concern’ as Canada officer starts work on cannabis legalization. Stigma around cannabis will linger after Canadian legalization. No one knows what legal cannabis in Canada will look like. Let’s avoid a massive Canada cannabis bureaucracy.

Licensed growers must increase ahead of Canada legalization. Ottawa might try to prohibit homegrown cannabis. Marijuana Lessons for Canada: The USA vs Portugal vs Netherlands

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