Cannabis News of the Day

California’s largest political party just endorsed legalizing cannabis. Cannabis use remains flat among Colorado teens. Legalization in Colorado raises the debate on cannabis clubs. Coloradan recreational cannabis is attracting people, but spiking the state’s homeless rate.

The next president could be a buzzkill for cannabis advocates. Nobody knows whether your landlord can stop you from smoking cannabis. Can hemp, long overshadowed by cannabis, rise as an industry? Representative Andy Harris, foe of legalized cannabis, leads push for research.

Gary Johnson explains why he supports legalization. The DEA will not legalize marijuana on August first. Once marijuana is legal, who sets the rules? Top researchers just demolished a huge fear about legal cannabis.

3 thoughts on “Cannabis News of the Day”

  1. Yes (hemp).

    I don't know, probably state legislatures? (who makes rules)

    Note: for some reason I love the word "buzzkill." It's funny.

    On an entirely separate subject: can one of you Big Cheese types who hang out here figure out how to get the US to send food aid to Venezuela? Just bc we don't like all their choices is no reason to let friends starve and riot.

      1. It's quite possible that they've painted themselves into quite a corner. We should do what we can though, even if they are suspicious. There must be a way. There usually is if you're sincere. Maybe we could send help through someone else. I wasn't a Chavez fan and I don't see why people should die for him.

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