Cannabis News of the Day

Big money (and big politics) are still following the cannabis industry closely. Billionaire Sean Parker is doubling down on California marijuana legalization, but he’s still pretty quiet about his motives. And here’s a look at the surprisingly strong ties between the Clintons and the cannabis legalization community.

“What’s that got to do with the price of weed in Colorado?” A lot, apparently. Legal marijuana sales totaled upwards of $1 billion in Colorado last year. Meanwhile, accusations fly about cannabis growers wanting to quash legalization in order to keep prices high. In response to the booming business, the federal government slapped a 70% tax on legal growers in the state. But is all this red tape just foisting the flaws of prohibition on a new and burgeoning market? And who is behind those anti-marijuana lawsuits in Colorado?

In other news: New England rising? The debate over cannabis in Massachusetts, Vermont, and Connecticut is swinging toward legalization:

Massachusetts  sellers are “high” on legal weed,

Connecticut considers a new bill,

and a debate is still underway over legalized marijuana in Vermont.

…but, in a test of how far the current legal definition can be stretched, Massachusetts marijuana activist Bill Downing faces criminal charges.

Plus: The demise of the Washington Eastside task force, which no longer receives funds from seized marijuana assets due to legalization; and the unexpectedly high environmental footprint of the cannabis industry